WritersGuild My Isekai Adventure
Kai Kasugi, a young scientist is assigned a job to research a portal which suddenly appeared in Tokyo, which connects two worlds. The portal takes a person to a random destination. The scientist team which was assigned the work decides to send someone to the other side. But after a series of events Kai is betrayed my his fellow scientists out of jealousy and he is forcefully thrown into the portal...
Daoist_Everlasting Mage of Binding
After the last epoch humanities connection to the magepool has been severed and no one has seen a magical beast since. It is the era of the internal mages as the nature of magic is now limited to the body. External mages who could harness the magepool and affect their environment are a thing of rumours and, even the internal mages, struggle with control... ....however, there is a legend...
Teraphoenix God of destruction
A young man driven by the thought of eternal power and the realization that death and destruction is power. ------------------------ So you know I'm not native to this language so please excuse my bad writing. ------------------------ Copyright and that shit I don't own the characters except for my own.
NiaKitsune The Marriage Proposal
Ji-Eun and Hyun Shik were strangers thrown into an arranged marriage. While Ji-Eun was indifferent to their arrangement, her inherent loyal nature attracted her somewhat reluctant partner. Will they be able survive the turmoil that their marriage currently stands on?

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