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pacoxpa > Tempting You to Marry Me—Pampered Cute Wifey > Chapter 13: Take your indenture!
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Warm bed for him?

Qiao Mu suddenly looked up to the man’s noble and cool face. She was in shock; her little red mouth opened slightly; then she swallowed saliva.

Damn it! This old man was not only an old bastard but also an old goat! Thinking of this, Qiao Mu stick up her middle finger in mind.

Qiao Mu believed that as he was the underworld boss and so handsome, there would be a group of women who wanted to warm the bed for him as long as he gave a signal.

Why he chose her? Although she knew that she was a beautiful girl with plump breasts and hips, she was still young. Whining! How could she be ruined by the old man?

“Have you thought over about it? I don’t have much time. Don’t waste my time.”

Qiao Mu gritted her teeth. At such a critical point, she had certainly already considered it. So, she nodded vigorously.

“OK, OK, OK. Sign it! Sign it! Sign It! Hurry up! I am more anxious than you! You bastard, do you think I would like to see your slack face?”

But, unexpectedly, the man didn’t get angry. He just picked up his phone from the table next to him. With his long and slender fingers tapping the screen, he dialed a number.

“Send it upstairs right away.”

Hearing this, Qiao Mu realized that what she thought about just now—oral words couldn’t be taken as evidence—was really silly. She didn’t think that the man had really prepared a contract. Her face was full of grief. She didn’t expect that in the advanced and civilized 21st century, there should be women who would sell themselves, and for the moment, the woman who would sell herself was her.

After a few knocks at the door, it was opened; then Zuo Zhen walked in with a portfolio in his hands. He bowed to the man respectfully but didn’t call him President; then he just laid the portfolio on the table and walked out without saying any words.

Watching the man in a suit walking by her without any expression, Qiao Mu was confused with her face full of curiosity. She raised her hand, touched her little chin, couldn’t help nodding and started to think about something in mind.

She wondered if all the gangsters dressed like these two guys. Not only the old man was dressed so formally, but also his henchmen wore suits, looking like decent people. The key was that they were all so smart, and even the four men in black who were ordered to guard her were very handsome.

Sure enough, it was the age when people valued appearance; even in the underworld, there was no exception. It seemed that the old man was underestimated by her. She had to acknowledge that the gangdom he led was very organized and disciplined.

The man turned back, picked up the portfolio, and untied the file folder, where there were several pieces of papers and a bank card He put the papers in front of Qiao Mu, and slightly shook the gold card with his two slender fingers.

“See? As long as you sign this contract, the card will belong to you, so will the money in the account. No matter what you do with the money, I won’t intervene.”

The man’s gentle and sweet voice implied a little bit temptation, which seemed to be saying, “Sign it! Sign it! As long as you sign your name, this candy will be yours!”

Looking at the card being shaken before her eyes, Qiao Mu felt the very little courage which she just plucked up in mind was smashed and then turned into dust. Even Qiao Mu reviled herself, “You are really a bitch! Can you have a little backbone?” However, on a second thought, for the moment, the money was much more important than her backbone.

Qiao Mu took over the papers in the man’s hand. They were just several papers, but Qiao Mu thought they weighed over a ton, as they suppressed her and made her hard to breathe.

The lines, written in black and white, were filled with cold indifference. Qiao Mu read the articles, one by one, her pale fingertips quivering.

“Stop dawdling! Would you like

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