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'Wow, I can't believe he actually died because of that! But didn't I only release some of my killing intent. Well whatever, I guess I won't used my killing intent until I can control it properly.'

While everyone was in a panic of what just happened, the maid which was crying on the ground left without noticing her. That is except, Denear. He carefully followed her through a dark hallway. When she suddenly stopped and looked at the moon through an enormous glass window as she slid down a wall on the opposite side, still looking at the moon. In the dark hallway, the moon was its only source of light. She held both legs close to her as tears silently rolled down her cheek. She had taken off the pom-pom that tied her black hair into a ponytail. It was a sight for the eyes, and Denear just considered himself to be able to see this beautiful yet heart breaking scene.

She started to whisper to herself.

"Mom...." She sobbed. "Its too hard without you here.... I hate humans, I hate nobles......So why am I here?" She whispered a chant and her ears suddenly started to glow and transform its shape into........

'ELF EARS???!!!!' Denear had always wanted to see an elf and other species in this world, but never got a chance. To tell you honestly, HE IS A MAJOR OTAKU!!! Even though he had always been on the run at his old world, he took part-time jobs to help him and his sister but as for the extra money, he bought anime and manga merchandise and hid them in a secret location. But anyways, back to reality.

He was shocked at the sudden revelation. 'AN ELF WAS RIGHT UNDER ME!!! How could I have missed it! But maybe its because I didn't really pay much attention to the maids anyways."

After her transformation, she went deep into thought. Starting to cry again, closing her eyes and fell asleep in the dark moonlighted hallway. "Mom.......Mom......." She would whisper.

'I guess I have no choice.....' He sighed as he silently carried her to his room and gently placed her onto his bed.

After a while.

The black haired girl opened her eyes to find herself in a strange but familiar room. She sat up straight, still rubbing her eyes. She looked around the room. Its furnishings were quite extravagant The bed itself could fit like 8 people. By her estimation, the entire room would cost more than 1000 gold. Which was A LOT, and that's only her estimation. The room was carpeted with some fine carpets and some nicely decorated curtains. This entire room was so big that you could have a party in it. On one side there were some sofas and a coffee table. On the other side, there were tons of shelves that were stacked with books, layer after layer. Next to it was an exquisite and fancy looking table and chair. There was someone on the chair.

The person turned around and said,

"Oh, your awake. Looks like you've stopped bleeding. That's good." With a gentle smile on his face.


She was shocked that the young

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