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pacoxpa > Happy Endings Are Lies > 7 Chapter 7-The start of a new life
He ended up falling asleep in the loving arms of his mother. It was such a beautiful and heart-warming scene that they couldn't help but be on the verge of tears.

"Madame." The doctor spoke in a professional manner. "What will be his name?"

The handsome young man, the father, looked at his loving wife, signalling her to be the one to choose a name for their child. The mother understood the look on her husbands face and thought for a while, until her face suddenly lit up as her smile became brighter than ever as she looked at the baby quietly sleeping in her arms.

"His name will be Denear Lorenzo Cornelius."

A few hours later, he woke up from my deep sleep to find my self in a crib, in a large room. The room was beautifully decorated with all kinds of baby toys and others things most children would like. However, for our MC to who was already 15 years old in personality didn't like it that he was treated like this. He tried to stand up many times but did not prevail. I mean, who could blame his body, he was just born. After a few more tries, he decided to give up and focus on something else.

He concentrated and took deep breaths and said in his mind,"Status"

A large wide screen appeared in front of his face. It showed,

Name: Denear Lorenzo Cornelius

Age: 2hr old

Level: 1

Job: None

Rank: None


Title: The Chosen one ....more








Elemental Possession Lv 10

Creation Magic Lv10

Book of Troy Lv10

Mana Regeneration Lv10

Space time magic Lv10

Control Magic Lv10

Animal Calling Lv10

Eagles Eye Lv10

Luck of the universe Lv11

Blood Bash Lv10

Medicine Lv10

Tricks for clown Lv10

Beauty for eternity Lv10

Dark ages Lv10

Foresight Lv10

Time gain Lv10

The Judge of the universe Lv10


The 12 Gods [valid for eternity]

"Wha..."His mouth almost ripped and dropped on the floor....

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