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pacoxpa > Happy Endings Are Lies > 16 Chapter 16-Sweet tooth
A small boy with a petite figure, walked through the streets humming. His eyes looked stern but his mouth curled up into a smile as he walked down the street humming. This boy was obviously Denear.

'Hmm.....This place is so bright.' He wasn't talking about the sun or something like that. He meant that the streets were full to the brim. There was hardly any space to walk. Luckily for Denear, his small body comes with its own advantages.

A lot of people were staring at him due to his appearance but he paid no attention to their stares and just continued walking. He looked through a bunch of stalls but none of them interested him. Except the sweets shop though. There was sign in front of the shop with a cake picture on it. The shop had two medium sized windows in the front. Cakes, sweets, muffins, cupcakes and cookies of all sizes and flavors were displayed at the window.

He entered.

The shop employees were surprised to see a very young boy enter their shop. They saw the young boy go up to the counter. The lady was especially surprised but she still smiled at the boy in front of her. "Hello young lad. Welcome to Little Mama's Sweet shop. What would you like?"

"Hmmm...." He couldn't decided what to get. He has a MASSIVE SWEET TOOTH! After a few seconds he finally decided. "4 of each please." For a moment, the lady and everyone who heard him say that was a little bit stunned. 'He wants 4 of everything!?' was what everyone thought. They examined his face to see if he was serious. And guess what, he still had a straight face. 'This kid is serious'


The lady gathered all the sweets he ordered with the help of some employees. "This is for you, 4 of each right? That will be 10 gold coins. The lady wasn't really expecting him to pay (cause 10 gold ain't no small price)and thought he was really just joking, but when he took out 10 gold coins, she was a little bit surprised but was glad he was really serious.

They gave him boxes and boxes that were full to the brim with sweets. At that same time, Denears guards came into the shop. "We finally found you!"

"Good timing! I need you all to carry this for me. Make sure not to drop any of them." He said with an unchanging expression. Although his voice was a little scary. The guards didn't really pay attention to what he said but how he said it. To them, it seemed like he was saying, "Drop it and I will drop you to Hell!" They did not say anything and had no choice but to pick them up.

As they left the shop, everyone was very curious as to who that young boy was. No-one knew his identity but they could tell he was pretty high class.

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