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pacoxpa > Happy Endings Are Lies > 5 Chapter 5- The 12 Gods
He looked around, more confused on what was going on.

"Didn't he just fall off a building and committed suicide." He thought to himself.

"We are sorry for taking you unexpectedly." Said an old looking guy with a white beard. The guys face had some wrinkles on it. His hair was the color of the sun, however it wasn't as bright as it..

He wore a white robe with a golden medallion around his neck. It looked so pretty. After he finally came back to his senses, he asked, with a cold expression,

"What do you want with me?"

His eyes looked around the entire room with a deadly stare. The 12 people felt shivers down their spines as his stares locked onto them. It reminded them of someone who was more powerful and much more scarier than them. It silenced them for a bit.

"I will ask this again. Who are you!? And what do you want with me!" He said with a stern voice.

"Sorry for not introducing ourselves earlier." Said the old man, gesturing the person next to him to start their introduction.

--sigh-- "My name is Helux. I'm the God of war and destruction." The mans physical appearance certainly did look liked he had fought in countless bloody battles. His grey hair a small stain of red. The stain looked kinda weird, and it smelled weird...

"Let me not think about it too much." He thought, however he knew that was not dye or paint.

"I'm Jokester. I'm the God of tricks and medicine!!" He said looking very proud of himself. The guy had orange hair and kinda looked like a clown but with out the make-up. His clothes looked like those ancient squires in those old movies. He also wore one of those doctor coats.

A guy with tons of wine bottle which surrounded him started his introduction,"I'm Dabus. The God of wine." The drunk guy saw the look on the kids face as he stared intensely. His expression full of disgust. "Awww!!! Come on now kid. Don't be jealous. You can't have any! This is all for me...." He began to feel drowsy until he finally collapsed on the table, snoring like a pig. (AUTHOR: Do pigs even snore. I think they do, right? or was it snort. Ah whatever.)

"Disgusting" Said a beautiful young lady sitting across him. She had sparkling light blue hair which would look so beautiful under the moonlight.

If not for the terrible experience he had felt in the past, he would have fallen for her.

"My name is Ulene. Goddess of beauty and success. And here next to me is Gina, she is the Goddess of death and chaos." She pointed at a little child which was sitting next to her.

"This is a joke, right?" He said, as he looked at the little girl. "Her cute little expression would make any crazy!! Her pink hair, her pink clothing, her cute smile!! How the HECK can this be the Goddess of DEATH!!" His head was now filled with "unusual" thoughts.

They saw that he was very shocked and decided to wait until he calmed down to finish each of their introductions.

He calmed down after a few minutes, and then they continued their introductions.

They all took turns with their short introductions."

"I'm Uxaris, the Goddess of marriage and youth."

"I'm Zastus, God of animals and hunting."

"I'm Embris, God of pleasure and luck."

"I'm Edea, Goddess of judgement and law."

"I'm Iris, the Goddess of wisdom and logic."

"I'm Venos, God of the elements."

"I'm Sizxex, God of time and prophesies."

They all finished with their introduction except that old looking guy. Then he finally spoke....

"I'm Hexros, God of creation and life. And i'm here to inform you, that we will be taking you back to your original world."

"My original, WHAT!?" He was dumbfounded.......

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