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pacoxpa > Happy Endings Are Lies > 14 Chapter 14-Again to the room
After his encounter with the elf girl, Freya Greeenwood, he finally had someone to talk to and ask opinions on his studies and research. His system had announced

[System: Goal option is now available on status screen===1st goal >>"Break the curse!"<<]

After that announcement, he found out that a new option had shown up in the bottom right corner of his status screen. He clicked the new option and a different screen showed up on his right.

[>>"Break the curse!"<<]

Progress: 0%

Time limit: Unknown [System: Due to the curse's characteristics the time limit is unknown]

Freya Greenwood, due to you sneaking a peek at her status without permission, you found out about her curse. Also because you promised an oath to yourself, you are to now obliged help cure her. [System: Congratulations!! Because you looked at her status without permission, you have been given the title, >>>Status Pervert<<<]

'How am I a pervert' Denear screamed in his heart, he felt like he could cry.


One year later

He was now 5 years old. It was finally time for him to go to the temple. Going to the temple means that you will be able to see your status screen and what type of magic you can cast. It's basically a ritual to see how powerful so that you can then find a teacher that is appropriate for your magic or skills.

The temple was located at the center of the city of Duestoon. It was the first time Denear would go out into the city and was really excited. His father had given him a void ring that stores items in it. Its capacity only had 5-10m. It was very expensive. Normal void rings that is 1-3m costs about 100 gold coins. This much gold coins could make normal people live a happy life without worrying about money. So how much more is the 5-10m void ring? No clue, but it definitely ain't small.

The money system in this world works like this,

50 bronze= 1 silver

1 gold= 50 silver

1 platinum= 50 gold

And the coin higher than platinum is the "kings coin". Of course, only rich people can have this coin. One kings coin is equal to 100 platinum coins! One kings coin for commoners can make their hearts explode from joy. Well anyway, back to the present.

A young priest walked up to them and said, "Welcome young master Denear. Did you have a pleasant ride here?" Denear kept silent, his face didn't even flinch. This made the young priest a little mad to be ignored, but what could he do! He got over it and said,"Follow me"

Denear followed him through a hallway and into a room. The room was decorated with some angel and demons statues with some unknown engravings on the wall. However, a system notification appeared in front of him.

[System: >>>Translation of sacred engravings<<<]

Yes or No

He pressed yes.

[Translation: The 12 Gods has blessed the people of the land to be able to measure their power. This is the time the Gods choose a few lucky people to give their blessings and a few skills. For those who are blessed by all the Gods, will have the chance to be able to enter the XXX XXXXX]

Again!? What's up with these X's. Chance to be able to to enter the what? Oh whatever.

"Young master please step onto this magic circle." Said the young priest, pointing to a circle engraving on the ground. 'A magic circle huh?' Denear became really excited and tried his best to keep a straight face. This was the first time he has seen a real magic circle, other than the ones he made.

He stepped onto the the magic and a bright light started to surround him. A water like substance engulfed him while the light grew brighter. Until he was finally inside a familiar room...again.

"*sigh* What is it you want?" He looked around to still see the exact same people sitting down in their usual places. However, this time he noticed something he hadn't noticed before. There was a 14th chair. The other one was likely that Hexros guy, but weren't there 12 Gods, not 13 or 14? Hexros probably do

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