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See that a little kid came out of the Carriage instead of their Miss Alexandra they all wore disappointed faces and didn't even try to hide it as they started discussing among themselves.

After Alex came out he reached his hand out and held Elisa's hand as she climbed down the Carriage. Soon the two started walking down the red carpet towards Rebecca and Leila.

The crowd then caught a whiff of the scent coming from Alex and Elisa as they were thrown in a daze as it smelled just like The Divine Fruits they purchase every month from the Auction.

What they were smelling was indeed the scent of the Fruits which Alex had the system turn into Perfume and colon for the use of him and his mother along with some maids when they go out to events and such with their masters. The scent was way too captivating that Alex couldn't give it to all the maids as they might be targeted by people seeking the origin of the scent and put them in danger.

The VIP's came back to their senses from their imaginary world and looked at Alex and Elisa who had the scent on them. Noticing World Wide Handsome Alex and the Godly Beauty next to him they were in awe as they looked stupid jaw dropped. Alex was especially handsome today.

Alex wore a custom made rose gold suit with rose gold dress shoes and a black button-up shirt. He was also Dripped out in Cartier Gold Rings with smaller Pink Diamonds covering its entirety, He had these rings in every one of his fingers. In addition to the rings, he had a Rolex Daytona Rainbow Cosmograph. He bought all his bling from the System Shop for 100 SP. Although all that may seem valuable, the most valuable jewelry Alex was wearing was the Ring Necklace of his Birth Mother, which he changed the chain to an emerald one.

Walking down the carpet Elisa was tightly holding Alex's arm as she was scared of all the women and ladies staring at her with jealousy and some Young Master's looking at her with vulgar eyes and a creepy smile.

"Young Mas...Alex, I'm scared, they looked like they want to eat us alive" Elisa whispered in Alex's ear.

"Don't worry, Nobody can touch my women unless it's over my dead body". Alex comforted her as he looked into her eye.

Reaching the end of the carpet, they Greeting Rebecca and Leila.

"Greetings Sister Rebecca, Little Leila. If fairies existed, then I'm standing with 3 of the most beautiful ones."

Everyone in the VIP Hall heard what Alex said as some girls even blushed just hearing him speak such words. The hall became lively again

"Hehe...You flatter us too much." Rebecca was one who knew very well what Alex was like. While the other two blushed as Leila hid behind her sister and Elisa covered her reddened face.

"WoW, Mr.Pimpin looks extra cute today". Rebecca whispered to Alex's ear.

Alex smiled as only Rebecca truly understood his personality.

"We would like to join sister and Leila and watch today's Auction."

"But before that, we would like to eat some food."

"I will arrange everything for Little brother and Elisa, so please enjoy yourselves."

After their small talk, Alex took out the storage ring from his inventory and placed it in her right hand as he kissed it.

Leila then leads them to the dining space as Alex looked around to find that person.

Alex took a seat with the two girls as a servant quickly came to take their order. Unable to find the person he was looking for, Alex sighed unnoticeably before ordering.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Brother, Look at that brunette girl in the white dress with black heels."

"Yeah look at her, such a beauty."

"Brother shouldn't we "Help" her out and have some fun"

"Little one is correct, We shouldn't leave such a Beauty that's wasted on a little kid."

"Too bad we probably can't, that kid is from the Rager Family"

"What about it? Our family could crush them if we wanted to, who cares about that if we take that girl? He's totally a cry baby! Hahaha

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