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The Auction was to start in an hour time, Alex was lounging on the sofa with his head on Elisa's lap as he gradually sobered up. Leila was the most out of place, she didn't understand what had happened to her cool brother.

"Sister, What happened to brother?"

Rebecca bent down, lightly patted on her head; "Alex had drunk too much apple juice on his way here. That's all."

Leila tilted her head in confusion to the answer she got but quickly accepted it as the truth because she didn't know better.

'Silly girl, you care too much about that mysterious boy.'

'Where did he acquire this kind of alcohol? No...I haven't tasted anything like this before...He probably made this too. '

Rebecca was in deep thought. Though Alex didn't create the drink, he could definitely buy more of it from the System. The Whiskey sold from the system are no joke; they're highly addictive.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Alex, Young Master Alex, the auction is about to start"

Elisa tried to wake up Alex for the start of the Auction but he wouldn't budge. Inside Elisa rather wanted it this way; as she played with his hair and felt her heart melt once again remembering what has occurred before.

Looking at how happy Elisa looked; Rebecca and Leila didn't bother as they smiled.

"Let's go, Leila, We'll go watch the Auction from the seats up front."

'She looks so happy right now. I might need to get me a man too.'

- - - - - - - - - - -

*Opens Eyes*

Alex slowly opened his eyes to the view of Elisa with a welcoming smile.

"Sweetie, the Auction is half over. We should join the others now."

Alex was knocked out for the first half of the Auction but didn't miss anything worthwhile. The first half is like an appetizer before the main dish. In this case, the main dish is served during the second half.

"Elisa, I would stare at your beautiful eyes for all eternity"

Elisa blushed as she hit Alex lightly on the chest and hid her face.

"Okay Okay. Let's go."

Getting up Alex whisper in her ear: "We'll continue this later". He then winked at her. This made Elisa go cherry red.

'Continue....Later' Elisa was in anticipation as she went into a daze thinking about what would happen.

Alex had long mastered the Art Of Seducing Woman With His Charm. He became such a Pro that no woman could resist his flirting for long.

'ah, I almost forgot to give her the ring'

Walking up to the dazed Elisa; Alex took out the ring to put on her finger. He bent down on one knee; "Elisa, Will You Accept This Ring And Be One Of My Wives In The Future?"

Elisa started crying as she felt a neverending joy as she nodded.

Alex put the ring on her left ring finger and got up to seal their vows with a kiss.

Elisa fainted as she couldn't take all the loving bestowed upon her.

[Harem King's Ring]

[Type: Accessory]

[Grade: Divine]

The Harem King's Ring is bestowed upon one's wives as they have many special uses:

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