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As Alex reached the end of the carpet he leaped upwards as the wind from the system was created below his feet, lifting him to the balcony where he landed gently in front of 4 individuals. His Mother in the middle, Marry who is the manager of the Auction House to her right, The General Of The Army for Dragon continent to her left and his youngest daughter beside him.

'My G! I couldn't have wished for a better little brother!'

Alex didn't stop there, he wouldn't stop or else all his efforts would go to waste. Soon after landing he approached his Mother with shock shown in her eyes. He didn't let anyone come back to their senses as he knelt down on one knee as he greeted her with everyone's eyes below and around him were glued on the scene.

*Kiss* Alex kissed Alexandra's right hand and said "This child greets his Lovely Mother"

While looking at her pink eyes "Mother looks as beautiful as the Moon Goddess this Evening". His mother was wearing a blue dress with her golden pink hair gathered at the top of her head and flowing down to her shoulders.

(The Moon Goddess is considered the most beautiful existence in both the Moral world as well as God's world.)

Alex stood back up to greet Rebecca dressed in red with black long curly hair and crimson eyes. He kisses her right-hand as compliments rolled off his tongue like a machine gun.

"I've heard sister Marry was very beautiful, but today your beauty transcends the heavens." making her cheeks blush. He moved onto greet the general who stood at 2 meters with a big muscular build dressed in his general uniform as he gave off a powerful aura to not be messed with.

With a deep bow full of admiration and honor. "General has my utmost gratitude and admiration, I hope General will take care of this youngster in the future and lead him in a path of righteousness as great as yours."

The General nodded as he smiled which signaled him to lift his head and greet the last individual.

Leila was the youngest daughter of the General while Rebecca was the eldest. Leila was only a couple of months younger than Alex, but Alex thought of her as a baby hiding behind her parents. Nevertheless, he treated her with the same respect as he did with Rebecca and the General to maintain his image.

He walks up to the shy Leila as he checks her out. Looking at her dark purple hair, shining purple eyes, Alex thought 'I am not after little kids so let's get this over with quickly'. Noticing that she was shorter than him, he once again got on one knee and kissed her right hand, and complimented her cuteness which made her blush a deep red leaving her speechless.

Once he finished with his greetings, Alex went to his Mother's side with a smile on his face. All the while, the audience was frozen silent as they were still taken aback from his exquisite actions just now.

"Mother, would mind if I introduce myself to our guests?" Alex whispered to his dazed mother.

"Ahh, Yes! I have been

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