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Reo was on his way to the field beside the academy.

Yesterday, he passed the Genin exams, and now, he was on his way to the meet his instructor.

On arriving at the fields, he was greeted by Hanabi.

"Good, now both of you are here. Let us introduce ourselves", a voice spoke out from the park.

A girl in her twenties came into their view.

"Hi, I am Uzuki Yugao, specialized in Kenjutsu. I will be your instructor. Tell me what specialities you have?"

Reo took a closer look at the girl. She was really pretty and had a nice outfit to support her beauty, having willful eyes and dignified eyelashes.

"Hello, I'm Hatake Reo. I am also specializing in Kenjutsu. Nice to meet you."

"Hello, I'm Hyuga Hanabi. I am specializing in Taijutsu. Please take care of me."

'Hm... looks like I gained a pretty good team for myself.' thought Yugao.

Yugao thought for a bit and then spoke out, "Unlike other instructors, I'm not sparring against you. Instead, we will get to test each other and our compatibility in a mission", told Yugao to both of them.

Reo seemed to understand the gist of it and looked over at Yugao for further information.

Answering his gaze, Yugao continued, "Yes, you are right. We have our first mission, which is to retrieve the heritage treasure of the 'Kazuto' family"

Yugao paused and let them digest the news before continuing, "Their family is a commoner family in our village, but it does not mean that you can take this mission lightly. On the contrary, it's importance is quite big as we thrive here as a community. If we don't get support from the commoners, then our whole village will very likely seize to exist."

Seeing that both of their serious expression, she nodded and now started to discuss the mission information.




# Somewhere on an island

Kakashi and his team successfully made it into the village.

Kakashi was hurt in his fight with Zabuza.

Tazuna, the person they were tasked to protect, took him to his house for recovery.

As Kakashi was resting, he made an observation that Zabuza's death was odd: when hunter-nin killed their target, they usually began to destroy it on the spot. On the other hand, the Ninja whom they had met had taken Zabuza's body elsewhere.

This coupled with the fact that Zabuza had been killed with senbon (weapons that we're rarely fatal and also useful for knocking people out, led Kakashi to believe that Zabuza was still alive, and that he would be back to finish Tazuna's assassination.

With Zabuza's return a likely outcome, he took the team the nearby woods for chakra training, and told them that the training would require them to learn to climb trees without using their hands.

Out of the three, Sakura was the first one to finish off her training as she already had achieved perfect control over her chakra.

As a result, Kakashi assigned her to protect Tazuna while Naruto and Sasuke continued their training.




Yugao, Reo and Hanabi were riding a boat while Yugao filled both of them on the contents of the mission.

Reo was lost in thought. Earlier Yugao explained to both of them that the group of thieves that stole family treasure of 'Kazuto' family were from Land of Waves.

'Land of Waves... Dad is also on that island. Let's give him a surprise!'

Soon, the trio reached onto the shore without much difficulty.

"So, let's first go to a nearby town and settle down. We would then head over to collect some local news from the market", Sid Yugao leading the group to the nearest locality.

All of them had changed their attire and faces. It has to be known that 'Transformation Jutsu' was really a handy skill in such anti-tracking missions.

They quickly booked two room; one for Reo, and the other for the ladies and started to explore the streets to find out some clue to the thief group.

After strolling for half

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