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The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

Author: God Loves The World

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Updated: 2021-10-02 06:58:34

Latest chapter: Chapter 418: Infinite Tao

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《The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe》Latest chapter
Chapter 418: Infinite Tao
Chapter 417: Planning
Chapter 416: Out of Closed Door Meditation
Chapter 415: Taking Stock of the Spoils
Chapter 414: A Striking Change
Chapter 413: The Twelve Earthly Branches
Chapter 412: The Final Battle
Chapter 411: Minghe Reappears
Chapter 410: Hongjun's Action
Chapter 409: Minghe's Action
Chapter 408: The State of Mind Warning
Chapter 407: Picking Fruit
《The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe》' main text
Chapter 418: Infinite Tao
Chapter 417: Planning
Chapter 416: Out of Closed Door Meditation
Chapter 415: Taking Stock of the Spoils
Chapter 414: A Striking Change
Chapter 413: The Twelve Earthly Branches
Chapter 412: The Final Battle
Chapter 411: Minghe Reappears
Chapter 410: Hongjun's Action
Chapter 409: Minghe's Action
Chapter 408: The State of Mind Warning
Chapter 407: Picking Fruit
Chapter 406: The Battle Escalates
Chapter 405: The Battle Continues
Chapter 404: The Dogfight Began
Chapter 403: Meeting Hongjun Again
Chapter 402: The Birth of A Valuable Treasure
Chapter 401: Refinement of Formation
Chapter 400: Hunting
Chapter 399: Starry Sky Region
Chapter 398: Breakthrough
Chapter 397: First Visit to Central Region
Chapter 396: The Envoys
Chapter 395: The Treasures
Chapter 394: The Closing of the Mystery Territory
Chapter 393: Inheritance of Weapons and Arrays
Chapter 392: The Opening of the Mystery Territory
Chapter 391: Both Sides Clear
Chapter 390: Transaction
Chapter 389: Plot
Chapter 388: The Mystery Territory of Earth
Chapter 387: The Elders House
Chapter 386: The Eighth Floor of the Library
Chapter 385: Accident
Chapter 384: Breakthrough of the Fate Realm
Chapter 383: Minghe's "Insanity"
Chapter 382: Transformation
Chapter 381: Choice
Chapter 380: Shock
Chapter 379: Minghe's Plans
Chapter 378: Entering Yun Ling Academy
Chapter 377: Yun Ling Academy
Chapter 376: Newly Arrived
Chapter 375: Bodily Breakthrough
Chapter 374: Settlement
Chapter 373: The Reappearance of the Holy Thunder
Chapter 372: Fist-to-fist
Chapter 371: Discovery
Chapter 370: Strange Thoughts
Chapter 369: Breakthrough
Chapter 368: Supreme Treasures Supporting Heaven and Earth
Chapter 367: Treasures
Chapter 366: Hunter or Prey?
Chapter 365: The Secret
Chapter 364: What used to be have changed
Chapter 363: Discovery
Chapter 362: Departure
Chapter 361: Foothold
Chapter 360: New World
Chapter 359: Meeting and Parting
Chapter 358: The Battlefield of Gods and Demons
Chapter 357: The Advent of the Great Way
Chapter 356: The Flourishing Untainted Land
Chapter 355: The Destruction of the Five Elements
Chapter 354: Banned the Five Elements
Chapter 353: Jun Tian's Apprehension
Chapter 352: Sacrificing the Five Elements
Chapter 351: The Arrival of 'God of Plague'
Chapter 350: The Way of Heaven Warning Sign
Chapter 349: The Cave
Chapter 348: Revisit
Chapter 347: The Secret of Zixiao Palace
Chapter 346: The Exploration
Chapter 345: World of Five Elements
Chapter 344: Three Removed, Two Maintained
Chapter 343: The Divine Laws of Fire
Chapter 342: The Siskin following behind
Chapter 341: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada
Chapter 340: The Hunting Journey
Chapter 339: The Secret Place
Chapter 338: Different Purposes
Chapter 337: Hongjun
Chapter 336: Practicing
Chapter 335: Rising Through the Ranks
Chapter 334: Leave
Chapter 333: Another Tragedy
Chapter 332: Minghe's Arrangement
Chapter 331: Dipamkara's Choice
Chapter 330: From Taoism to Buddhism
Chapter 329: God Deification Ceremony
Chapter 328: A Drastic Measure
Chapter 327: The Hall of Pangu
Chapter 326: The Changes in Untainted Land
Chapter 325: A Striking Change
Chapter 324: The Appearance of Hongjun
Chapter 323: A Sumptuous Feast
Chapter 322: Minghe's Action
Chapter 321: Liu Er's Passing Tribulation
Chapter 320: The breaking Untainted Land
Chapter 319: The War of Immortals
Chapter 318: Tragic Wu Tian
Chapter 317: The Appearance of Way of Demon
Chapter 316: The Counterblow from Nonentities
Chapter 315: The Final Battle in Tongguan
Chapter 314: An Aura Changed into Three Pure Ones
Chapter 313: Breaking Up
Chapter 312: Four Sages Gather
Chapter 311: The Tough Tongtian
Chapter 310: The Winding Yellow River Formation
Chapter 309: Buddha and Devil
Chapter 308: Influence
Chapter 307: The Separation
Chapter 306: The Bodhi Formation
Chapter 305: Liu Er vs. Taoist Bodhi
Chapter 304: To the Imminent Point
Chapter 303: Yang Chan and Nezha
Chapter 302: The Unexpected Concession of Liu Er
Chapter 301: Liu Er's Arriving
Chapter 300: One Vs. Four
Chapter 299: Black Tortoise Fighting With Xuandu
Chapter 298: Eliminating Karmic Obstacles
Chapter 297: Black Tortoise's Going Fighting
Chapter 296: Liu Er Comprehended His Obsession
Chapter 295: Minghe's Wish
Chapter 294: Laozi's Scheme
Chapter 293: The Next Battle
Chapter 292: The Advent of the Sages
Chapter 291: The Wrath of the Sages
Chapter 290: The Solo Fight against Immortals (II)
Chapter 289: The Solo Fight against Immortals (I)
Chapter 288: War Starting
Chapter 287: Deal
Chapter 286: Meeting
Chapter 285: The Coming War
Chapter 284: Soldiers were Stopped at Golden Chicken Mountain
Chapter 283: Ji Chang Claims to be a King
Chapter 282: The God Deification Ceremony Begins
Chapter 281: Two Dragons Appear
Chapter 280: The Appearance of Daji
Chapter 279: Bo Yikao Saving His Father
Chapter 278: Seven-year Period
Chapter 277: Three Pure Ones?
Chapter 276: Recommendation
Chapter 275: Shen Gongbao's Suspicion
Chapter 274: Ziya Went to Gongbao for Shelter
Chapter 273: Two Prime Ministers, Different Destinies
Chapter 272: Leaving the Mountain
Chapter 271: The Imminent Warfare
Chapter 270: A Substitution for Daji
Chapter 269: Su Hu Opposing to Shang
Chapter 268: Goddess Nvywa Summoning the Evil Spirits
Chapter 267: King Zhou Praying for Goddess Nvywa
Chapter 266: Settlement
Chapter 265: Liu Er versus Winged Rain-dragon
Chapter 264: Conspiracy? So What?
Chapter 263: Liu Er's Presence
Chapter 262: Nezha's Perseverance
Chapter 261: Ao Guang's Vengeance
Chapter 260: The First Person on Investiture of the Gods
Chapter 259: The Original Sin, Greed
Chapter 258: Nezha and Yaksha
Chapter 257: The Setup
Chapter 256: Meeting King Zhou
Chapter 255: Nezha's Apprenticeship
Chapter 254: Immortal Tai Yi
Chapter 253: Birth of Nezha
Chapter 252: Ling Zhuzi Descended to the World
Chapter 251: To Formally Acknowledge a Master
Chapter 250: Jiang Ziya
Chapter 249: Minghe's Tour
Chapter 248: Discussion of the God Deification Ceremony
Chapter 247: Minghe Guides His Disciples
Chapter 246: Signing on the Investiture of the Gods
Chapter 245: The Beginning of the God Deification Ceremony
Chapter 244: Haotian's Anger
Chapter 243: Yang Jian Saves his Mother
Chapter 242: Liu Er's Wedding
Chapter 241: The Plan
Chapter 240: Suspicions
Chapter 239: The End
Chapter 238: Slaughtering a Sage
Chapter 237: The Ending of the Tribulation
Chapter 236: Passing Tribulation (Ⅸ)
Chapter 235: Passing Tribulation VIII
Chapter 234: Passing Tribulation VII
Chapter 233: Passing Tribulation VI
Chapter 232: Passing Tribulation(V)
Chapter 231: Passing Tribulation Ⅳ
Chapter 230: Passing Tribulation Ⅲ
Chapter 229: Passing Tribulation II
Chapter 228: Undergoing Tribulation I
Chapter 227: Divine Punishment Descend
Chapter 226: Reactions
Chapter 225: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 224: The Preparations
Chapter 223: The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 222: Return
Chapter 221: Lord of Numerous Treasures
Chapter 220: The Treasures World
Chapter 219: Entering the City
Chapter 218: Sneaking into the World
Chapter 217: The Arrival
Chapter 216: The Critical Strike
Chapter 215: Body Tempering in the Chaos
Chapter 214: Adventure in the Chaos
Chapter 213: Minghe's Return
Chapter 212: Thousand Years of Leisure
Chapter 211: Liu Er's Helplessness
Chapter 210: Yaoji Returns to the Human World
Chapter 209: Failure of the Plan
Chapter 208: The Hapless Yang Tianyou
Chapter 207: Yaoji Descending to the Human World
Chapter 206: Minghe Leaving for the Chaos
Chapter 205: Arrangement
Chapter 204: The Menace Intent of Goddess Nvywa
Chapter 203: Kunpeng Returns
Chapter 202: A New Situation
Chapter 201: Martial Arts of Origin
Chapter 200: Letting Go
Chapter 199: Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with Dragon Tribe
Chapter 198: Plans after a Disaster
Chapter 197: The Five Emperors Ruling the World (Ⅲ)
Chapter 196: Five Emperors Ruling the World (Ⅱ)
Chapter 195: Five Emperors Ruling the World (I)
Chapter 194: The Actualization of Xuanyuan
Chapter 193: Jingbae's Going to the Human Tribe
Chapter 192: Jingbae Being Bored With the Cultivation
Chapter 191: Xuanyuan's Ruling the World
Chapter 190: Minghe's Outburst
Chapter 189: Houtu's Retreat
Chapter 188: Houtu's Killing Intention
Chapter 187: The Will of the Human Tribe
Chapter 186: Character Creation by Cangjie
Chapter 185: Xuanyin Formation, Broken!
Chapter 184: Haotian's Action
Chapter 183: The Defeat of Xuanyuan
Chapter 182: The Clan of Enlightenment's Leaving the Mountain
Chapter 181: The Onset of the Wa
Chapter 180: The God Farmer's Abdicating the Throne
Chapter 179: Houtu's Scheme
Chapter 178: Chi You's Rebirth
Chapter 177: The Birth of Xuanyuan
Chapter 176: Wu Zhiqi's Appearance
Chapter 175: Jingbae's Disappearance
Chapter 174: Hong Yun's Trace
Chapter 173: God Farmer's Taste of Some Herbs
Chapter 172: Abdication and Accidents
Chapter 171: The God Farmer's Planting the Five Grains
Chapter 170: Kong Xuan's Taking Lieshan as Disciple
Chapter 169: The Heaven and Earth Taoist's Visit to the Northern Underworld
Chapter 168: Fuxi's Deduction of the Eight Trigrams
Chapter 167: Liu Er's Recruiting a Disciple
Chapter 166: Water Kylin
Chapter 165: Liu Er Joined the Human Tribe
Chapter 164: The Incarnation of Fu Xi
Chapter 163: The Mentor of Human Sovereigns
Chapter 162: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 161: Second Visit to Zixiao Palace
Chapter 160: The Mystery of the Chaos
Chapter 159: Heaven and Earth Taoist'sActualization
Chapter 158: The End of the Feast of Peaches
Chapter 157: Dragon Tribe's Unwillingness
Chapter 156: The Great Gathering of the Immortals Continues
Chapter 155: The Great Gathering of the Immortals
Chapter 154: The Feast of Peaches
Chapter 153: The Dragon Beheading that Shocked the Untainted Land
Chapter 152: The Charge against the Dragon Tribe
Chapter 151: Conflicts between the Human Tribe and Dragon Tribe
Chapter 150: The Mosquito Taoist Is Born
Chapter 149: Untainted Land Shocked
Chapter 148: The Dragon Tribe's Obedience to the Heavenly Court
Chapter 147: Haotian's Ambition
Chapter 146: The Dilemma of the Red Lotus Taoist
Chapter 145: The Advancement of The World?
Chapter 144: Goddess Nvywa's Thoughts
Chapter 143: Cosmic Stars Formation
Chapter 142: The Adventures in the Starry Sky
Chapter 141: The Growth of Guang Chengzi
Chapter 140: The Misgivings of the Three Pure Oness
Chapter 139: An Anticlimactic Fight
Chapter 138: Confronting the Honoured Lord of the Origin
Chapter 137: Conflict (Part Five)
Chapter 136: Everyone's Reaction (The fourth update)
Chapter 135: Zhenyuanzi's Construction of the Residence
Chapter 134: The Plan of the Human Tribe
Chapter 133: Tne New Era
Chapter 132: The Reestablishment of the Heavenly Court
Chapter 131: Hongjun's Unusual Action
Chapter 130: Everyone Was Scrambling for Treasures
Chapter 129: The Wu and Demon Tribes' Final Destinations
Chapter 128: The End of the War between Sorcerer and Demon tribes
Chapter 127: The Decisive Battle between the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe
Chapter 126: Three Disciples of Minghe
Chapter 125: Minghe's Third Disciple
Chapter 124: Black Tortoise of the South Sea
Chapter 123: Mending the Sky
Chapter 122: The Fall of Mount Buzhou
Chapter 121: The Demon Tribe Begins to Act
Chapter 120: Kunpeng's Scheme
Chapter 119: Woes of the Demon Tribe
Chapter 118: The Confession to the Human Tribe
Chapter 117: Houtu's Concern
Chapter 116: The New Ancestor of Sorcery
Chapter 115: Post-Calamity (No.4)
Chapter 114: The End of the Cultivation Tribulation (No.3)
Chapter 113: The Power of Real Martial Arts
Chapter 112: The Self-Reliant Human Tribe
Chapter 111: Chapter 89 Hostility between the Human Tribe and the Demon Tribe
Chapter 110: Zhenyuanzi Makes His Move
Chapter 109: The Martial Artists Lend a Hand
Chapter 108: The Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe
Chapter 107: Veridical Martial Origin Formation
Chapter 106: Musen's Plea
Chapter 105: Kuafu Dies and Houyi Shoots the Suns
Chapter 104: The Birth of the Golden Crow
Chapter 103: The Completion of the Marriage of Heaven
Chapter 102: Goddess Nvywa's Matchmaking
Chapter 101: The Demon Tribe's Discussion
Chapter 100: Division of the Three Pristine Ones
Chapter 99: The Three Pristine Ones Accepting Disciples
Chapter 98: Post-Establishment of the Nether World
Chapter 97: Heaven and Earth Taoist Builds the Nether World
Chapter 96: Houtu Became a Sage
Chapter 95: The Changes in the Human Tribe
Chapter 94: Influence
Chapter 93: Five Sages a Day
Chapter 92: Lao Zi Becoming a Sage
Chapter 91: Response
Chapter 90: Lao Zi Visited Human Clan
Chapter 89: The Rectification of Ming He
Chapter 88: Millennium Development
Chapter 87: The Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe
Chapter 86: The Supreme Treasure of the Human Tribe
Chapter 85: The Enlightenment
Chapter 84: The Death of the Mazingers
Chapter 83: The Birth of the Mazingers
Chapter 82: Fantastic Ideas by Taoist of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 81: Red Lotus Taoist's Rectification
Chapter 80: Minghe Became a Sage?
Chapter 79: The Birth of the Ashura Tribe
Chapter 78: The Reaction of All Parties
Chapter 77: Relocation (part 2)
Chapter 76: Relocation (part 1)
Chapter 75: The Human Tribe's Spiritual Inheritance
Chapter 74: Minghe's Obsession
Chapter 73: The Fourth Ancestor of the Human Tribe
Chapter 72: The Three Ancestors of the Human Clan (Part Ⅱ)
Chapter 71: Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe (Part 1)
Chapter 70: Goddess Nvywa the Sage
Chapter 69: The Enlightenment of Goddess Nvywa
Chapter 68: Forgetting Love
Chapter 67: Accepting Disciple Kong Xuan
Chapter 66: Trade
Chapter 65: Chapter 43 The Wu Tribe's Plot
Chapter 64: Reluctant Emperor Jun
Chapter 63: Unlucky Kunpeng
Chapter 62: Taoist Heaven and Earth's Visit to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple (Part II)
Chapter 61: Taoist Heaven and Earth's Visit to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple (Part I)
Chapter 60: Heaven for Demon Tribe, Earth for Wu Tribe
Chapter 59: The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation
Chapter 58: The First Battle Between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes
Chapter 57: The Massacre
Chapter 56: Minghe's Dominating Power
Chapter 55: The Killing Prelude
Chapter 54: Minghe Took Action
Chapter 53: The Eruption of the Cultivation Tribulation
Chapter 52: The Appearance of Kunpeng
Chapter 51: Did Hongyun Die?
Chapter 50: The Choice of Hongyun
Chapter 49: The Great Way of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 48: The Lotus Lamp
Chapter 47: Dead End
Chapter 46: Hongyun's Dilemma
Chapter 45: Hongjun's Integration with the Way of the Great Way
Chapter 44: Gifting Treasures
Chapter 43: Accepting Disciples
Chapter 42: The Third Teaching in Zixiao Palace
Chapter 41: Minghe Finished his Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 40: When the Storm Arises
Chapter 39: The Demon Master Kunpeng
Chapter 38: The Demon Tribe's Conspiracy
Chapter 37: Minghe Kills Two Separations
Chapter 36: The Second Teaching in Zixiao Palace
Chapter 35: The Establishment of the Wu and Demon Tribe
Chapter 34: The Birth of the Heavenly Court
Chapter 33: Getting Treasures in Mount Buzhou
Chapter 32: Preaching
Chapter 31: Scrambling for Seats in the Zixiao Palace
Chapter 30: Hongjun Became the Sage
Chapter 29: Teaching the Great Way of Tao
Chapter 28: Taking an Apprentice
Chapter 27: Companionship and Separation
Chapter 26: Falling in Love
Chapter 25: Hundreds of Years of Touring
Chapter 24: The Blood Jade Kylin
Chapter 23: The Birth of the Wu and Demon Tribes
Chapter 22: Ten Thousand of Years in Untainted Land
Chapter 21: The Fortune Child Attendant
Chapter 20: The End of the Cultivation Tribulation
Chapter 19: Hong Jun Fights Luohou
Chapter 18: The Exposure of Luohou
Chapter 17: The Defying Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 16: Consequences
Chapter 15: The Death of Ancestor of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 14: The Blood River Formation Trapping Ancestor of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 13: Battle between the Blood God Doppelganger and the Ancestor of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 12: My Fellow Taoist, Please Wait.
Chapter 11: Wuji Apricot Flag
Chapter 10: Luo Hou Acts; The Battle of the Three Clans
Chapter 9: Beginning of the Tribulation
Chapter 8: Rising of the Three Tribes
Chapter 7: Attaining Zenith Heaven, and Preaching in Untainted Land
Chapter 6: Pangu's Cultivation Will
Chapter 5: Glad to Obtain the Yellow Plum Tree
Chapter 4: Conscience in Untainted Land
Chapter 3: Prediction of the Transforming Exercises
Chapter 2: Minghe's Transformation
Chapter 1: Minghe in Untainted Land