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I was a women who didn't take shit from anyone. I got good grades till I was up in high school and that's where I met the love of my life hoping for everything I wanted and dreamed about to happen but it doesn't. My name is Scarlett Rose in school my friends and I never were popular or anything like that we didn't even try to fit in. Let me tell you more about my story this really doesn't have a happy ending. My 1st love died in 2008 and I acted out my mom knew but everyone failed me no one would talk I got more and more depressed about life a few months go by and I find out that I am having a baby girl. Still not married or feel loved or wanted I been in and out of relationships they never worked out. I did everything I could to raise a kid on my own my grandpa got sick and he died my heart broke so I acted out more and no one to pull me back and or ask what's wrong. I dropped out of school and had to move my daughter was 1 years old. The place we went I called hell. It really was my mom's mom starved me and my daughter and turned everything off later I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2. I gave birth to another baby girl and gave her up for adoption because of my situation. My 1st daughters 2nd birthday came I got a call stating my mom died I didn't cry or anything I guess I really didn't care everyone around me is dying and still broken. I was beat by men and raped and still thought I would find my Mr. Right and still nope not once. By 2010 I had my 3rd kid the guy picked me up by my throat and told me to shut up. I knew if I called the cops I would be dead. The years pass on and days go by. I thought I found Mr. Right when all I found was a control freak and I married him it wasn't like that at 1st he was a perfect sweet and wonderful man. The type anyone would be happy to marry smart, funny, understanding well you know it's what all women want. Now he's a monster trying to control and bring me down. I feel so lost and broken and yet no one cares. Dreams are only made for sleeping and I am more then a fool to think anything really existed. I wrote notes and sent them out one by one. The day came to give my 1st daughter a better life. I couldn't take no more pain or getting hurt so I took my life in the woods that felt like home and a great view when I took my life I thought I did everyone a favor but no one really cared or did anything when I was alive but now that I am gone they all say should have could have done this or that bull shit when in all reality they couldn't I was too far gone. I didn't love or couldn't I felt nothing.


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