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She's divorced, had a child of 14 years , was very much broken as her 17 years marriage was teared. Now it's been 2 years post divorce. She moved to another place , shifted to another company in the new place ,joined 14 year girl in new school. Took a best residential place according to her income. Soo much has changed except her gloomy mind and broken heart . Still continued to fight with sun and moon.

Like everyday she went to office dropping her child at school. While on the way to office she got a message that her monthly alumony was given and as always after seeing that message she got flashes of her beautiful relation to how it burnt to ashes in front of her eyes. This scene was been observed by her co employee evry month since two years .He finally decided to console her. He took her to the coffee shop nearby which has few people round .He started to give motivation towards to which she got irritated and frustrated as it was again and again kept her close to hell past, her irritation can be clearly seen through her actions . He realised she needs to have her own space and deep peace. She explained her self to him, noticing his genuine concern, after that they had spent good time . Few days later she was invited to his home and his entire family members were so loving towards her..

Their friendship developed as days passed and unitentionally over a period of time,it developed to makeover - hangouts ..

These got repeated over a period of time and it's nearly over 15 nights they slept togethor. They realised they enjoy each other company a lot but somewhere deep down they also know they are being very unloyal towards their families (she jas a daughter and he has a wife and two children).

They decides to tell this to their respective families.

When her daughter gets to know about it, she is so depressed by the fact that her mom is losing virginity again and again to the man who is not her father. She said I couldnt be with u and left to her maternal grandmother's home .

On the other hand his family abandoned him, now he is no more a husband but according to legalities he started taking care of his children being apart from them. Both lost their families and were left alone.

They didnt meet quite a while amd later she got transferred to another city ,again her lonliness attacked her. Here he became cold blooded and was searching ways to get rid of his lonliness.

A while after when she shifted to the new city a letter from her daughter overwhelmed her .

It was

" I understood I am girl born before a daughter as u were.I know what u have gone through when ur divorce hapened ,u were left all alone holding my responsibilities also u were searching for ur peace , ur choice of place, where u got after two years of divorce . I realised u were a woman first then a wife and then a mother. Today I wish u to get all the happiness u deserve in ur life. I am very proud to know how loving as a wife u were and what u went th

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