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pacoxpa > The cute weird creature > 1 The cute weird creature
Once upon a time, there was a weird creature who have fallen from the sky. The creature has round adorable eyes, fluffy furs of beautifully blended pastel shades, little nose and lips, curly long ears at the top of its head, and a body like that of a kid teddy bear. The cute, weird creature has no known gender.

The creature walked upon the earth. It wandered for a while, for the weird, cute, creature doesn't know where to go and what to do. It was a foreigner to that strange land.

Upon seeing the weird creature, people were amazed of how cute it was. And despite of its queer and unfamiliar appearance, they were not threatened because it looks innocent, pure, and harmless.

The weird creature began imitating what it sees. Whenever the cute creature smiles, people respond with smile. It felt warm and happy to think that its smile brought smile to many human beings.

It observed humans frequently and was able to imitate various expressions and emotions, hoping that it will be able to befriend humans. But there is only one thing it could not display: That is to laugh.

The weird creature became sad because of its inability to laugh.

So, to get rid of its sadness, the creature decided to imitate how people work.

Humans don't mind working with the weird creature. They were happy because the weird creature work so hard. The cute weird creature helps them in a lot of ways to ease their burden in all aspects using its abilities, and goodness.

Because the cute, weird creature worked hard, its intelligence, talents, skills, and heart unintentionally standed out among the crowd.

Indeed, no human is perfect. But their greed and striving towards perfection, power, and recognition continues. Perfection, power, and recognition- those are the things that human beings don't have yet they strongly desire.

It's just a matter of time, when everyone who knows the cute, weird creature, had developed insecurities towards it.

Humans began mocking it. Shouting insulting and degrading words to the cute weird creature. Then they began abusing its abilities and innocence. Using its obedience so that they would get the power, the prestige, and the benefits.

"If you help us, I will teach you how to laugh. You want that, right?" The Lady offered.

"Yes, please! Alright, I got this!" The cute weird creature took the heavy job on its own, with a wide smile,

"Stupid fool!" The lady said as the cute weird creature gayly walked away.

Of course, the cute, weird creature can hear how people talk behind its back, but it cannot refuse because of its good nature. It continued helping its fake friends. It continued smiling at the sun and radiate light from its heart for everyone, hoping that someday, the people would see its efforts.

Nobody knows that when the weird, cute creature is alone, it is distressed, devastated, and felt tired of being itself. It felt worthless, devastated, and tired of having to exist in this world.

Being me is a struggle. It's cursed. My life is a curse. My existence is a curse!

Its fake friends betrayed the cute creature and imprisoned it in a dark, hollow, place at far away where it would never see the light again.

Is this torture? Being me….is unbearable.

It's difficult to breath. It wants to be saved, but it can't escape from the darkness that's now eating it.

That's what the cute weird creature thought.

That's what the cute weird creature felt.

Everyday. Every night. Every minute.

And now, it is slowly dying- dying inside. Day by day, its small hands become cold.

The world thought that the cute, weird creature wanted to steal the human's spotlight and change the laws.

But all it ever wanted from the bottom of its heart were only respect, understanding, companion, and happiness.

The cute, weird creature wished that it had not been too intelligent. Too cute. Too perfect for the eyes of everybody. It felt tired of working hard for humanity's acceptance.

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