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pacoxpa > White Tuft Of Fur and The Prideful Flower > 1 "Let's take over the world!"
In a bush, a little tuft of fluff was rolling about, it seems to be very lost, confused about its situation. "Ruff-Ruff!" The little tuft was glaring at a little flower like it just pulled its tail, it then proceeded to bite the trumpet shaped flower.

" HEY! Stop you stupid Pup!"

A voice cried. "Ruff?" Tilting its head confusedly, the little pupper released the poor Little Flower and looked around, but no one was there.

"How dare you bite Your's Truly?! You got a lot of guts, you-you...MUTT!!"

A proud voice screamed, hurting our little pup's ears. "Ruff?" Looking at the source of the ear killer, the little white fur ball's turquoise eyes widened in surprise, slowly walking backwards to get away. The silly pup trip on its own legs and fell on it's back, four stubby legs were in the air, confused, the little pup played dead.

Closing its eyes and leaving its tongue out, the silly puppy played dead. "...Mutt?" Witnessing the whole scene, the Little Flower was confused? No, not confused but proud? In an extremely prideful voice, the little flower spoke.

"To think my beauty is even enough to even make this Mutt faint, Your's Truly is extremely flattered! You shall be this little flower's companion! With my beauty and your deadly bites...WE SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!"

Laughing, the little flower failed to remember that it was stuck inside a bush, unable to move, much less take over the world.

C-r-e-a-k. The wood on the porch creaked as a man walked across it, his red hair about waist length swayed along with his movements. The Redhead looked towards the bush and saw the pup through the leaves.

"Yo! I found your dog!" he turned to yell, a moment later a cheery voice responded.

"Thanks! Where is my little fur ball?".

"In the bush with flowers!"

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"Which one?" Sounds of the wooden boards creaking could be heard again and the cheery man's voice was much clearer as well.

"The one with the Amaryllis"

Hearing the familiar voices the white ball of fluff sprang up and scurried towards them.

The little flower saw little pup running away and worried that the pup would never come back and would ruin their plan, the flower yelled.

" MUTT! You better come back or we won't be able to show the world my beauty!"

The little puppy stopped in its tracks and turned around to "Ruff!" looking at the bush and continued to run toward the two men who were bickering about getting a haircut. Strangely enough, even though the little flower yelled the two men didn't notice a thing. They both walked hand in hand back into the house smiling foolishly at each other, they closed the screen door only to hear a soft


Little pup ran into the door.


Day after day, the little

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