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The fucker gets to walk because his lawyer got him out of Callie's charges against him." Clyde stabbed at the food on his plate, as if to direct his anger toward that. "I'll kill Boyd myself when I get the chance."

Ryan nodded and continued typing away on his cellphone. He was making plans to see Agatha tonight at Brother's. He quickly learned it was Callie's favorite bar, but she wouldn't be there on this particular Friday night. She was meeting a potential business partner at her favorite Greek restaurant.

"For someone who looked more pissed than I did, you seem to not give a flying fuck."

"Maybe because I don't," Ryan said, casually shrugging. "Ethan did something fucked up. Callie healed. What's there to be angry about?"

"No one should ever get away with rape, Ryan." Clyde scoffed when Ryan shrugged again. "I thought you cared about her."

"I do," he told Clyde. "But your sister isn't my fucking priority, Montgomery."

"Well, she's my priority," Clyde sternly said, shaking his head in disbelief. "By the way, don't ever fucking sleep in the same bed as her again."

Ryan watched as his best mate threw two twenties onto the table and stormed out of the Bristol. Clyde's anger about Ryan sharing a bed with Callie only proved how angry he'd be if he ever found out what Ryan and Callie had done while Clyde was in the other room.

The memories of Callie's body and the faces she made as she came only frustrated Ryan more. He couldn't stand that she hadn't spoken to him in over a week.

So he searched for her in his contacts and pressed his phone to his ear as he left the Bristol, deciding to walk the one block to Solar Point Tower.

"I'm busy, Ryan," she said when she answered the line. She sounded breathless and slightly exhausted.

"I've decided to give you a ring to say hello, darling."

"You've said your hello," she muttered, sighing. "Is that all?"

"What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I don't know yet," she curtly replied. She sighed again and then moaned.

That much earned a wince from Ryan. "Christ, babe, what are you doing right now? Are you with someone?"

She whimpered, panted into the receiver and whispered, "Ryan, I can't fucking come without you."

"Fuck, are you touching yourself?"

She responded with a hum. "I haven't touched you in days, Ryan. I'm going crazy, and I can only pretend my fucking fingers are your cock inside me."

"You make it difficult to be just friends," he murmured, pinching the bridge on his nose. He stopped on the corner of the street and looked both ways, but he wasn't looking for oncoming cars. He was making certain no one would hear what he would say next. "Touch your clit, sweetheart. Touch it like it's my tongue fucking you."

She let a shuddering breath escape her and whimpered. Ryan could only imagine her back arching off the bed or whatever surface she was on. "What else should I do?"

"Are you wet?"


"Holy fuck," he rasped as he crossed the street and slowed his walking pace. "Two fingers, babe. Put them inside you and tell me how good that feels."

"So fucking good," she murmured through a suppressed moan. "Another?"

"Yes," he replied to her. "Imagine that it's my cock fucking you, moving in and out of your dripping pussy."

She gasped.

It only made him grin as he walked past Solar Point Tower to give himself more time. "Can you feel me? Can you feel my cock?"

"Yes," she hissed.

"Fuck your pussy harder."

"I'm close."

"Close enough to come?"

She replied with a noise between a moan and a giggle.

"Good, sweetheart." He cleared his throat when a hand clasped around his shoulder, pulling him to an abrupt stop.

"Your office is up there, idiot," Clyde said, eyebrow raised. "You coming up or not?"

"Give me a second," Ryan said, grinning. He waited until Clyde was out of sight to continue his phone conversation. "Are you still there, my lovely?"

"Yes," she cried.

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