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It was pretty pathetic that Callie Montgomery, a twenty four year old, still didn't have a job with the degree she had. She had graduated with high honors when she went for her MBA, but here she was in her favorite Greek restaurant waiting for the woman she used to loathe to offer her a job.

It had been over half an hour, and as the minutes ticked on, Callie wondered if the woman would even show at all.

Penelope James was a very power hungry entrepreneur. She owned many boutiques across the country and ran her own clothing line. The vile woman liked to watch people fail, but Callie was certain she could land a job with the person who made her suffer all through college and give herself a name.

But another half an hour passed, and Callie finally concluded that Penelope wasn't going to make an appearance. So she walked across the street to Brother's where she spent her lonely Friday nights and on occasion, her weekends.

"The usual?" Teddie asked as he wiped down the west wing of his bar. He knew Callie very well. She was a beautiful woman, but he saw her strictly as his kid sister.

"Make it stronger this time," she defeatedly said, picking at an imaginary hangnail on her finger.

"I would usually tell you no, but it looks like you'll be needing it."

She laughed, unamused. "How about we just make it straight vodka?"

"Nah," he said as he poured half a glass of pink lemonade and mixed it with vodka. "I care about you too much to do that to your healthy body."

"You're so good to me, Teddie," she murmured, hungrily taking the glass into her hands. She took a sip and waited for the contents to settle before taking another sip. "Are there any openings here?"

"Oh, no," he said, shaking his head. "You aren't working at this shit place with your degree. Men would stare at your tits and make you cry just because they asked for your number in some vulgar way."

"I was supposed to meet someone tonight and hopefully get a job." She laughed at herself, but there was no humor in that. "I hate it here. I hated it in London. Where the hell am I supposed to go?"

"Anywhere you want to," he suggested, filling her glass up with a little extra vodka. He could see the pain in her hazel eyes all too well.

Teddie Sparrow was a handsome, young man, roughly around thirty. His eyes were as dark as night, and his black hair, which was so black that it was navy blue in certain light fixtures, was usually slicked back. But on this particular night, he kept it unruly and disheveled.

"Listen, baby doll," he said, popping a handful of peanuts into his mouth, "you're fucking gorgeous. You're smart and a little too naive, but you're gonna be alright."

"What's your take on leaving town? Should I do it?"

"Absolutely not," Ryan said from behind her. He took the stool next to her and pointed to a bottle of bourbon. "You can't leave Clyde and me, love."

Teddie set a bottle down in front of Ryan and nodded in agreement. "Where lover boy is concerned, you might want to stay to keep him sane. But you do what you gotta do, gorgeous."

Then he turned to another customer to strike up a conversation, leaving her to face one of her many demons.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, staring at the drink in her hand.

"I should be asking you that," he said, smirking. "You had an interview, did you not?"

"How'd you know?"

"I just did," he replied without offering a further explanation. He looked around the bar, spotted Agatha returning from the bathroom and smiled. "If you'll excuse me, I have someone who'll wonder where I've gone to."

Callie watched as he turned his back to her and made his way to the redhead across the bar. He pulled her to the dance floor, cupped her ass and swayed her to the rhythm of the music.

Ryan looked up, as if he could sense her gaze on him, but she was already gone from where he had left her. He caught sight of her leaving through the back of the bar and ran a

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