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Callie had only two things on her mind as she descended the stairs - Ryan Worthington and his God given body.

She had seen him this afternoon taking a swim with her brother. Ryan's swim trunks hung low at the waist, and the perfect shape of his pelvic muscles formed the letter V, which she assumed dipped pretty low down to a more heavenly area of his body.

She took a deep breath and stepped into the living room, her t-shirt riding along her mid-thigh as she stretched her arms above her head and yawned.

Ryan turned to where the noise had come from and smirked. "Sorry, love. Was it too loud for you to sleep?"

That was what she admired most about Ryan. He sounded like he actually cared whether the television was too loud or not, but in reality, he naturally had a flirtatious trait as well as a beautiful dimple in his chin when he smiled. Not to mention his London accent, which she couldn't get enough of whenever he spoke at the dinner table.

She shook her head to answer his question and walked around the couch to straddle him. She had completely caught him off guard, and she could see that in the way his crystal blue eyes widened.

"What are you doing?"

She pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, but hands threaded through her hair and pulled her closer until their mouths locked together.

Ryan felt the deep sinking feeling in his chest as he kissed the girl, as if something new was settling there. He jerked his hips and broke away with a heavy sigh when he felt his cock harden beneath her.

"Oh, no," he said, chuckling. "Looks like I'll be needing a cold shower tonight."

She quirked a brow when he made a move to stand up and palmed his chest, pushing him back against the couch.

"You want me to stay," he said, voicing his realization. "I haven't heard your lovely voice since the first time your brother introduced us. Can I hear my name in your sexy, little mouth, darling?"

"Ryan," she practically whispered.

"Yes," he said back to her in an equally small voice. "Now tell me how you want me to fuck you while your brother is upstairs."

Callie looked up at the ceiling where Clyde was asleep directly above them. He had taken her in at the age of fourteen and moved her all the way to London with him after their parents passed in an accident in Egypt where they were studying old ruins.

Clyde was six years older than her, but he was her sole father figure, so she knew what she was getting herself in to when she decided to come to Ryan. It could ruin her relationship with her brother, but it would be the last time she saw either him or his friend for a very long time.

"Like this," she said, tugging at the button of his jeans. She gave him a satisfied smile when it popped off at the slight touch of it. "You must have been holding back for a long time."

He humorlessly laughed. "You have no idea."

She could see the head of his cock peaking over his jeans. He was close enough to her dripping pussy to be able to sink right into her. "Fuck me."

He smiled, tore her panties off and shoved them into his pocket. His smile was replaced with a grin when she stared at him with her mouth hanging opened. "Don't tempt me to fuck you there, too."

She immediately closed it and used his shoulders to push herself up. As if on instinct, his cock twitched in the direction of her entrance and sank into her wet pussy. It was warm and almost too tight to fill half the size of his cock, but she slammed down on him and winced.

It was a miracle he couldn't hear the quiet cries of pain coming from her as she glided him in and out of her. She fell over him, buried her face into his neck and panted into it as she adjusted to his size.

"Ride my cock, love," he encouraged. He heavily chuckled when she moaned too loudly. "You've gotta be quiet. He'll hear us."

"Harder," she told him. Her insides were already sore, and her walls could hardly stretch to accommodate him, but she needed so m

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